Thursday, 13 June 2013

Word gets around

A creative site for travel reviews is now up and running. And it's alive and kicking. And what's more, you can check out my latest travel words there! Picked up I may add, from the editor after he saw a previous travel post of mine on this very blog. (Remember that pool of puke?!). 
So if you plan on visiting anywhere, please visit the site. It's lush. And very helpful. In an advanced social media sort of way... Triptease 
p.s. If you think you may detect a little bit of a blow my own trumpet/toot my own horn vibe, yep, you'd be right. I'm pretty excited about this. For me, the blend of creative writing and travel is exactly what I'm all about. Perhaps, if this is a style of travel writing you also love, you could get in touch with Triptease and put your own travel tales about for others to share as well.