Monday, 3 June 2013


Shoulder to Shoulder to Day

It is weird, blogging on behalf of someone I do not know. And for that matter, with a whole load of people I do not know. But what's not weird, is that we have all been touched by this woman's story, and have all shared a wish to help make what she is going though, a little bit easier.

Emma Day, who blogs at  Crazy with Twins, is a 27-year-old mum of twins (age 1) and Bunny (age 7). She is fighting cancer for the second time. Over the last couple of weeks she has been isolated in hospital for radiation treatment, and then isolated at home, due to emitting harmful radiation from her body.

The good news is that those radiation levels have dissipated far quicker than the docs predicted, and so she's now out of isolation, reunited with her family, able to cuddle and comfort her children once more.

On a bid to help Emma, the blogging community (I'm really rather new to all this, but there's quite a family it would appear), continue to stand in support, passing a digital baton of cheer between them, hosting a blog hop called Shoulder to Shoulder to Day.

Me and Karen over at themadhouseofcatsandbabies(do go and take a look at her amusing story), are co-hosting the hop today and spreading the positive vibes, as well as raising awareness on Emma's behalf about Maggie's Cancer Centres and The Race For Life (which she is running soon). Emma is also hoping to find a sponsor to buy an iPad for the iodine room at the Cheltenham General Hospital. If you can help, please get in touch! 

For now though, a poem for Emma. 
ps. Still rooting for you kiddo!


Do a jig in the rain, and sing to a star. 
You're out. Prison's over. Don't stay so far. 

As if! We all know, you can't wait to get near. 
Leave behind all the pain, desperation and fear.

Now you can; you are able to have and to hold.
A fresh new beginning is about to unfold.

A process to go through, perhaps that may be,
But it won't last long, they remember, you see.

You are mum, you are lifeline, unbroken will.
And they loved you before, and they love you still.

Smile, laugh, even cry, but do not weep.
Your children, these memories, they will not keep.

Your babies, your daughters, your husband: All yours.
As the whirl slows down, you can take time to pause.

Blow bubbles, paint rainbows, hum lullabies too.
Keep your family tight, squeeze them in close to you.

Play dollies, but do it with real ones instead.
Pat them, stroke them, and then kiss their head.

Get up early, sleep late, climb into a cot.
Be smug, be delirious, for lose you have not.

So jig in the rain, and sing to a star. 
You're out. It's over. Enjoy where you are. 

© Emma Oliver