Sunday, 7 October 2012

Down to earth with a bump (11) - ANTENATAL CLASSES

It was with a light-hearted approach that we entered the room at the health centre. Lots of pregnant couples sat and watched as we fell through the door, (I ask myself are we always late?) anyway, already we were a marked couple.

We listened as a midwife talked about labour, pain relief and things that could go wrong in general. The seriousness of it all was far too much for me to handle down to the fact that I was already worked up about the birth of my extraordinairily long-legged baby. Nerves took over and as a result I found all manner of things amusing when clearly I shouldn’t have. To make it worse, Simon thought it all bloody hilarious too.

When we were asked if we could think of something to take to the hospital, I replied ‘camera’ and Simon said ‘video’ at the very same time. The two of us sat with silly grins on our faces. And it's not even as though we were trying to be clever. It was clearly not what the midwife required (she was thinking maternity pads and newborn nappies); and we were both shot down pretty quickly with her best ‘go to the back of the class’ look. 

All joking aside, it actually was well worth attending, as was the huffy puffy session we later found ourselves at. Yes, whatever you do, for goodness sakes don’t miss the huffy puffy session. The comedy factor in that class is second to none.

Hindsight required here: That very same midwife that shot us a look, much further down the line became someone I learnt to trust, confide and laugh with. A lot.

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