Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Down to earth with a bump (27) - Friends and lettuces

Simon came and went according to the hospital’s visiting hours, but always as he left, a hollowness arrived. I hated being away from him as I never knew when a doctor would appear to talk to me about my baby’s health; her future. 

It was no surprise that I found some solace by taking up with two mums on the ward. Both mums of twins born the same time as Esme, Andrea was opposite and Elinor was next to. Andrea’s baby girls were on the ward. Elinor’s baby boys were in special care. Esme was on the ward as they had run out of room in the SCBU (Special Care Baby Unit), but had to be taken for visits night and day for checks and intravenous antibiotics. Together through all the ups and downs, the three of us laughed and cried.

This particular day I write about was day three of our stay, day three being the notorious baby blues day when hormones are all over the shop. Tears one minute, joy the next, in short hysteria rules. For Elinor, Andrea and myself, day three was also side salad day:

Everyone knows that hospital food is crap. Well it was a source of great hilarity seeing the food put in front of us every meal. But on day three when Elinor’s lunch arrived, we could not stop laughing. You see, she’d ordered a side salad with her main. The tray was presented to her and immediately she started to chuckle. She gulped for breath before managing to announce, “Look at my side salad!” There, in the palm of her hand, lay one languishing limp lettuce leaf.

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