Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Down to earth with a bump (29) Was it meningitis?

Was it or wasn’t it? Truth is, we’ll never know for sure as the lumbar puncture was missed. Not carried out. And it would appear that having a baby born in to the world on a Friday at nearly midnight was the reason. Communication never seems to be relayed in quite the same way as it does between staff Mon-Thurs’s. So anyway, the lumbar puncture never happened (there is a short window when it can be carried out in a newborn – between birth and 48 hours old) and obviously I was sort of happy about that. But then again not, as we never did know the full extent of what was wrong with her. To be honest, I hung on to the fact that compared to some of those babies in the SCBU, Esme quite honestly appeared to be fine.