Monday, 8 October 2012

Down to earth with a bump (14) TICKLED PINK & PINK OR BLUE? (I)

I was wobbling back from somewhere and hot and tired, I’d treated myself to a cab. It was not far at all, but far enough for this exchange…

Taxi driver: Wow. How long have you got to go?
Me: Not long now.
Taxi driver: What’s your due date then?
Me: 23rd August
Taxi driver: That’s my birthday.
Me: Really. Well if it’s a boy, we could call it after you, what’s your name?
Taxi driver: Barry.
Me: Then again, maybe not.
I paid up and shut the door, tickled pink. 


I convinced myself it was a boy. Well if it was going to weigh in at over nine-pound; it had to be. It would be great to have a boy for Simon’s sake - pass on the name and all that. I chose not to listen to the distant voice inside my head that reminded me I wanted a girl.
The days went by and we drew ever closer to the highlighted date in the diary.
23 Aug 2008 = our baby due.
And then... we bypassed it.
23 Aug 2008 = our baby due.

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