Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Down to earth with a bump - the monkey shot

I've had a request for a picture of my monkey. In utero. Quite rightly, it has been pointed out that I showed off all the images I had from my 12 week scan but did not put any up of the 20 week one.

This is because I honestly thought my baby was ugly. It is so ridiculous looking back that I never showed a soul the second scan picture. That's bad isn't it? I don't even have them stored on my mac, I was so not proud. Believe me, I am even less proud now.

It is definitely time to share. Do excuse the crap quality... I'm importing a picture from my phone that I just took from the scan. So here is my monkey. My beautiful little monkey. Esme Grace's 20 week scan pic. And it's about time too!

PS Next time, don't text - do comment! xx

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