Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Down to earth with a bump (15) - A WAITING GAME

Fact: Babies are more likely to be born eight days over their due date, than at any other time.

It was a bank holiday weekend when my due date came and went. By Saturday afternoon, we were already desperate to get out of the house. I was slowly going out of my mind. I must have slowly been sending Simon out of his.

We went to a nearby beauty spot with a flask of tea and sat to admire the view but it was terrible weather and we couldn’t see a thing. Our flask of tea tasted like crap too. We headed back.

It was not long after being home, I felt a wet trickle in my knickers. I changed, feeling a little heady. Could this be my waters? No, nothing else trickled out, I concluded that it was my rubbish pelvic floor. I was carrying an elephant after all.

A few days later I was at the health centre for a check. Unfortunately, both my usual midwives were on holiday. I sat in the waiting room, waiting for a midwife, waiting for my baby. I wanted to wait there much longer to be honest, but one arrived and ushered me in to the room. I told her I was over my due date and she asked if my waters had broken? I hesitated, “No. Yes. No. I don’t think so, but I’m not sure. No, it was probably just wee.”

If I could do it all again, here’s the point where I now stand up and say forcefully, "Well seeing as I’m not sure, hadn't you better check?”

But no, I just sat there.
“Okay, we will see you back here in a few days for a sweep then,” came the reply. 

And with that, more than content to be out of there, I was on my way.

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