Sunday, 14 October 2012

Down to earth with a bump (24) - When baby is removed

My waters had ruptured a week before I gave birth to Esme, and she had been inside me for all that time, exposed to infection and getting drier by the day.

The risk of infection became a reality once the placenta was born; for so too was a big bag of puss. And even with all the antibiotics I had been flushed with during the birth as a precaution for both of us, our new baby daughter needed a whole lot more, for the bag of puss indicated a serious infection. I still had absolutely no clue of any of this as I stared at the bundle of beauty within my arms.

Esme had been so shocked by her delivery that she never did cry. She was of course, perfect, all 6lbs 15 of her, (hardly an elephant). As she fed from me, minutes old, it struck me how clean she was. And how dry. But of course dry, she had been in the womb losing water. And as a consequence she was quite sick. And as a consequence, she would be removed from me after only one hour of having her.

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