Thursday, 11 October 2012

Down to earth with a bump (17) - A labour of love (2)

Thursday morning was spent timing contractions and walking back and forth. By mid-afternoon Simon made me phone the labour ward. We got there about five o’clock and I was immediately hooked up to a monitor. Yes labour was happening and yes, my waters had broken.

The news that they were broken truly astounded me. I realised that this meant that actually, they had more than likely been broken since our crap flask of tea experience, six days before. 

I relayed this to the midwife, tears streaming. I then remembered that at my last check the midwife had not insisted on examining me but had accepted my ‘I’m not sure. I think it’s wee,’ explanation. 

Huh, the explanation of a first time pregnant woman. Surely there’s a lesson to be learnt there? Yes, indeed, but I didn’t know at this point, just how much of a lesson.

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