Friday, 19 October 2012

Down to earth with a bump (30) - Extra Special Care (I)

Although she appeared to be fine, there was always the question hanging over us. And then there was another question. Do you want your baby to continue with the intravenous antibiotics or do you want to take her home and wait for signs of meningitis to appear? I think we chose to do what any new parent put in that position would chose; to carry on. 

In hindsight would I have continued with the drugs? I’m actually not sure I would have done. As a result of such strong antibiotics at birth, and so many of them, Esme was left with a weakened immune system that would see us back at hospital only two weeks after being discharged. And then for her entire first year of life we were back and forth. It was difficult. But one thing is for sure, the staff at the hospital, and especially the dedicated SCBU team, helped lessen that degree of difficulty. 

The next post is to support all their dedication and hard work.